Are You Opening the Door to Black Hats?

26 Sep 2022

Are You Opening the Door to Black Hats?

Are You Opening the Door to Black Hats?

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Cybersecurity Training for the Entire Organization

To protect a company's systems and IT infrastructure from threats, cybersecurity must be treated as a 'Culture.' Good security habits need to be inculcated both internally and externally.


Each one of us, as individuals and organizations, has a role in becoming educated about the risks of cyberspace, "stressing personal accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity," according to NCSAM

Insufficient or lack of cybersecurity training at all levels of an organization poses a significant risk. To counter these threats, organizations are making cybersecurity training for all employees, not just for the IT team, a priority. As more companies view cybersecurity training as a critical component of their business strategy, security awareness training for employees is predicted to reach $10 billion by 2027, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. Because the threat landscape continually evolves, employees also need annual training refreshes.


Cybersecurity Training to Protect Your Organization

You’ve worked hard to earn the trust of your customers. Giving your employees the tools and resources they need to be vigilant against emerging cyber security attacks protects the customer and partner relationships you’ve worked so hard to earn. Eighty-four percent of customers are more loyal to companies with strong security controls.


A breach shakes the confidence of your customers and puts critical partnerships and alliances with other businesses at risk. Because of its importance, new cybersecurity regulations, disclosure, and governance are currently emerging, including a new bill presented by the Securities and Exchange Commission that could require a registered issuer of securities to disclose whether any member of its governing body has expertise or experience in cybersecurity.


Building a Proactive Cyber Resilient Team

How a company manages a data breach and commits to making cybersecurity a priority directly impacts its reputation. After a breach, you will spend considerable time and money addressing the crisis and more time re-establish trust through crisis communications. During the aftermath, communicate to your customers and partners how you are taking steps to train and prepare your employees against future attacks.  

Creating a Security-Aware Culture

Well-integrated security training can provide:

  • Proactively Prevent Attacks: Training employees to recognize phishing emails and more threats.
  • Timely Incident Response: Recognize threats so that investigation and remediation efforts can happen quickly.
  • Accurate Threat Detection: Knowledgeable awareness of potential security events without significant blind spots.
  • Prompt Disaster Recovery: Minimize impact and ensure the resiliency of your business.


Stay Resilient When Disaster Strikes

New Horizons cybersecurity training can give your team the confidence from comprehensive training solutions from vendor certified and industry experience. New Horizons is the official training partner of AWS, CompTIA, Cisco, CertNexus, Citrix, Microsoft, Salesforce, SHRM, and VMware. Empower your team with the knowledge to recognize attacks and respond with confidence.



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