Increasing Your Productivity and Collaboration with Microsoft® Teams® and SharePoint®

30 Nov 2022

Increasing Your Productivity and Collaboration with Microsoft® Teams® and SharePoint®

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Increasing Your Productivity and Collaboration

Effective collaboration requires cooperation, respect, and trust. Good workplace collaboration leads to healthy employee relationships, creating a positive workplace culture. And with good workplace collaboration, the business can achieve improved problem-solving abilities and build relationships.


Benefits of collaboration

  • Encourages different perspectives to overcome key challenges
  • Employee productivity rates increase, and remote teams are more efficient
  • Increases opportunity for organizational change and adaptability to occur
  • Employee wellness and engagement improve; positive workplace atmosphere is enhanced


Tips for effective day to day team collaboration:

  • Inform the purpose of why the initiative is relevant; describe the final outcomes and benefits
  • Empower team members to brainstorm innovative ideas and provide recommendations
  • Encourage active listening, to share insights
  • Remove biases, limitations, and assumptions to understand multiple perspectives
  • Establish action plans for next steps in the execution


Using Software to increase collaboration

One way to take collaboration to the next level is to fully leverage technology like Microsoft® Teams® and Microsoft® SharePoint®. These can increase not only your efficiency and effectiveness but will also increase your ability to collaborate with those that you work with. In this blog we will look at both tools and how they can increase your personal and team effectiveness. 



Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool for more effectively working with others. Understanding the “tips and tricks” to wholly utilize this tool can take your productivity to the next level.


Creating Your Profile in Teams

One of the best ways to increase your visibility in your organization is to set up your profile correctly in Microsoft Teams. When you first create a profile, be sure to include a photo and your name so that others can easily identify you. You can also add information about your job title, location, availability, and skills. This will help coworkers know more about you and what you are capable of doing. In addition, be sure to fill out the "About Me" section so that others can learn more about you on a personal level.


Teams Chat

Another great way to increase productivity with Microsoft Teams is to take advantage of its chat feature. Chatting with coworkers is a quick and easy way to communicate without having to schedule a meeting or send an email. You can use chat for anything from asking a quick question to sharing a file. To get started, simply click the "Chat" tab in the left sidebar and start typing. 

You are also able to mute the chat functionality so that you are not interrupted when you need to focus. But don’t worry, any messages sent while you have your chat muted will be there when you are ready for them.


Video Conferencing

Staying connected with your team is more important than ever. This can be a challenge in an environment where you are not “face-to-face” with your colleagues.  If you need to have a more in-depth conversation with someone, video conferencing is a great option. With video conferencing, you can see each other's faces and body language, which can make communication more effective. To start a video call, simply click the "Calls" tab in the left sidebar and then click "New Call." From there, you can add people to your call by clicking their name or selecting them from your contact list.


Other Features

Microsoft Teams also offers many other features that can help increase productivity. For example, you can use the calendar function to schedule meetings, the to-do function to keep track of tasks, and the notes function to jot down ideas. You can also customize your Teams workspace by adding or removing apps, changing your theme, and adjusting your notifications. To learn more about Microsoft Teams and how to fully utilize all that this tool has to offer, consider signing up for the course Microsoft® Teams® (Desktop and Browser). 



If you are working with a team, Microsoft SharePoint can be a great way to keep everyone on the same page and increase collaboration. By creating a central repository for all your project files, you can avoid the need for constant emailing back and forth. SharePoint is accessible from anywhere so it's easy to stay connected even if team members are in various locations.


Document Libraries

Use document libraries to store and organize shared files. One important tip is to be sure that you set up the libraries in such a way that you and your team can easily find what you are looking for. Create and communicate a strategy so that everyone understands where to save and find files. By successfully setting up shared libraries you and your team will have all the necessary documents saved in one place and won’t need to worry about finding the latest version of a document. You will also see usage and utilization increase when everyone is on the same page. 


Collaboration, Versioning and Tracking Changes

Let’s say that you are working on a document, and you want feedback from several members of your team. You could email it to everyone but now you end up with several versions of the document with changes that you must review, combine, update, and then send out to everyone again. With SharePoint, there is a much easier solution. By adding your document to SharePoint, you can give all of your team access to the same document. All feedback, comments, and edits will be tracked in real time and in one place. You are also able to see who made what changes. With SharePoint you will not only save time, but your team will thank you for saving them time as well. 


Using Alerts

With SharePoint, you can use alerts to stay up to date on what's happening with your projects. You will no longer waste time continually looking to see if an update has been made. No more emailing your team for status updates. When you receive an alert from SharePoint, you now know that an update has been made so that you can review and see the status. 


Easily Access the Information That You Want to See

One challenge that often happens with a shared library is viewing the information that is pertinent to you. With SharePoint you can create custom views, so you see only the information you need to see. This view is unique to your login, so you will not upset others that are trying to view the information that is important to them.

These are just a few tips for making sure that Microsoft SharePoint is working for you and not against you. With a little bit of effort, this tool can help you boost your productivity and enable you to get more done. You will increase the collaboration and effectiveness of your team as well – which will result in successful completion of projects and shared goals. Consider taking the course, Microsoft® SharePoint® - Site User (Modern Experience) to increase your capabilities with this helpful tool. 



  • Greater need for efficiency and accuracy across an organization
  • Optimization for remote/digital communication, access, and organization
  • Required skills for: configuration, integrations, content management, security, and compliance


We Are Here to Help

According to a study by the Standish Group1, on average only 7 percent of a software’s features are “always” used. 64 percent of the features in an average software application are “rarely” or “never” used. 64 percent! Think of the productivity loss.

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