Working Towards Our New Horizon: The Year in Review

12 Dec 2022

Working Towards Our New Horizon: The Year in Review

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In 2020, the emergence of Covid-19 brought with it a major financial crisis for every sector of the global economy. Adapting to the restrictive conditions imposed by this crippling pandemic required innovation, vision, inspiration and perseverance and, sadly, many organisations fell by the wayside.

It was during this challenging period that New Horizons Cyprus & Greece bravely took its first steps, recognising the importance of foresight and believing that, as so eloquently expressed by Benjamin Franklin, “education is one thing no one can take away from you”. Thus, with a strong, unwavering company ethos and a mandate that investing in knowledge is the best investment someone could ever make, our educational, training and certification centre moved swiftly forward to bring clients the tools, skills and knowledge needed to realise their full potential.

Despite the uncertainty of those times, New Horizons Cyprus & Greece chose to rise up and lead by example. This was a golden opportunity to encourage an array of participants to commit to developing a mindset of success and evolve into a better version of themselves, raising both their self-esteem and marketability. Specifically, by deepening their knowledge of business metrics, project management strategies and IT applications, they could boost their qualifications and skillsets in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. All in all, New Horizons Cyprus & Greece is committed to turning out consummate professionals who are competent and dedicated, and who recognise the importance and power of teamwork.

Reflecting on the journey thus far, New Horizons Cyprus & Greece, in collaboration with EY, has managed to train about 700 individuals in, for example, MS Access (all levels), social media, e-collab and various other courses. This cohort of students has included professionals employed in government services and public sector positions. Our organization has also worked diligently to train more than 1300 people operating in the private sector in subjects as diverse as CompTIA, Microsoft software programmes and Lean Six Sigma. Working with many reputable organisations, such as Cyta, Pfizer Greece, Exness, Bank of Cyprus and Sklavenitis, New Horizons Cyprus & Greece has succeeded in becoming a training industry leader in meteoric fashion.  

More specifically, our academic centre, which has been accredited by the Cypriot government, has been chosen by Microsoft alongside with Acta to train and deliver free lessons to over 300 university students in Microsoft Fundamentals, giving them accredited certifications. Since then, a very fruitful collaboration and a golden partnership has started, enabling us to offer a large number of MS courses covering all needs and requirements.

We also established a partnership with PECB University and, recently, we became the official partners of DevOps. Our list of partnerships includes CompTIA (Authorized Platinum Partner) and Cisco. Furthermore, we are one of PMI’s education partners for 2022, sponsoring at the same time the annual PMI (Project Management Institute) conference in Cyprus. These partnerships offer us a unique opportunity to provide you with unlimited study choices (i.e. Cybersecurity, Software Development & Engineering, etc.) and make you an expert in whatever you wish. Keep in mind that our new calendar is now out, and you can check our website for more information regarding our 2023 courses. 

Additionally, we promoted the Microsoft Hackathon in collaboration with the British Council and CYENS Centre of Excellence, where various universities, such as the University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, UNIC and UCLan, were required to compete in order to explore and showcase the power of artificial intelligence for the common good. The winning team was awarded a study visit to a relevant institution in the UK.

New Horizons Cyprus & Greece also recently conducted a survey in an effort to gauge the preferences and needs of prospective future students in order to identify their areas of interest. The survey indicated that Business Analysis & Systems Design was extremely popular, as were IT Service Management and Infrastructure & Networks. The survey also highlighted a keen interest in Data Analysis & Data Science, as well as in Cybersecurity and Management & Leadership training. New Horizons Cyprus & Greece clearly recognises that knowledge is power, so the road ahead, in terms of training courses and curriculum, can now be mapped out clearly.

We would not be in this position without the valued support of our clients, our alliance partners, and every individual working passionately in the New Horizons Cyprus & Greece organisation. For this, we are truly thankful. We look forward to continuing to work with each one of you to make a positive and meaningful impact on as many lives as possible, transform careers and spread the light to others just like you.





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